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The Tales of Hoffmann - Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger - 1951

The Tales of Hoffmann - Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger - 1951

124 min. | Xvid 528x400 | 1472 kb/s| 23.976 fps | AC3 192kb/s | 1.46 GB+ 3% recovery record
English | Subtitles: Spanish .srt | Genre: Musical

Delirio Visual elevado a la máxima potencia,... tres cuentos nos son narrados con desigual fortuna, todos ellos cantados y bailados por intérpretes de altura.
Un festín que no puede pasar desapercibido para los amantes de la opera ni de las extravagancias, pese a sus defectos (que los tiene) contiene una serie de hallazgos que seguro han sido tomados por otros cineastas más actuales para homenajearla a su manera (a bote pronto me viene a la mente un número musical de "Chicago" y otro número en éste caso no musical en otra obra muy "particular" por no decir rara "Como ser John Malkovich")
Una pequeña delicatessen para paladares exquisitos y amantes de las rarezas varias.

The Prologue : The Opera House in Nurnberg (Nüemburg). Hoffmann sits in the auditorium watching a performance of the Dragonfly ballet. He is in love with Stella, the prima ballerina, who seems the embodiment of all his past loves. In the interval Hoffmann goes to Luther's Tavern. Here young students greet him. He sings them the ballad of Kleinzack. But the sight of Stella has reopened old wounds. "Would YOU hear the three tales of my folly of love?" lie asks. The students gather round the punch bowl, with Hoffmann's companion, Nicklaus, who has accompanied him throughout his adventures, and his enemy Lindorf.

The Tale Of Olympia : As an inexperienced student in Paris, Hoffmann was tricked by two puppet-makers, Spalanzani and Coppelius, into falling in love with their latest creation, the doll Olympia. Spalanzani passes Olympia off as his daughter and hopes by this means to get some money from Hoffmann. At a ball given for her, Olympia sings the "Doll Song" and dances a ballet. Hoffmann is entranced. Only when Spalanzani and Coppelius fall out, and Coppelius destroys the doll in revenge does Hoffmann realise how he was fooled.

The Tale Of Giulietta : As a young man of the world, he was enslaved by a beautiful Venetian courtesan, Giulietta. Acting under the influence of the magician Dapertutto, Giulietta captures his reflection and so gains possession of his soul. Hoffmann kills her former lover Schlemil in a duel, to get the key to her room. He hurries back to her, but finds she has left with Dapertutto. Mad with rage, he flings the key against her mirror. It cracks, and his reflection reappears. He has regained his soul.

The Tale Of Antonia : As a mature artist and poet, Hoffmann falls in love with Antonia. Her mother, a singer, has already died of consumption (Tuberculosis). Crespel, her father, through grief at his wife's death, is now the half-mad wreck of a formerly great conductor. Crespel keeps his daughter in seclusion on an island in the Greek Archipelago and forbids her to aggravate her own weakness by singing. He also forbids his deaf servant Franz to admit either Hoffmann or the quack Dr. Miracle who killed his wife. Franz misunderstands, and in turn shows them in. Hoffmann realises Antonia is ill, and she promises him not to sing again. Dr. Miracle persuades her it is her mother's wish she should disobey. She does so, and dies in his arms.

The Epilogue : On the stage of the Opera House, it is the finale of the Stella Ballet. In the tavern Hoffmann's audience is spellbound. Hoffmann's tales are told and with the telling Hoffmann finds his true destiny as a poet. Stella appears at the door of the tavern and looks down at him. But Lindorf, who has also understood the meaning of the Tales goes to meet her and together they pass out into the town.

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Resolución.............: 528x400
CPS ...................: 23.976
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Codec Audio............: 0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3
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