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Cinco minutos de gloria - Oliver Hirschbiegel - 2009

Five Minutes of Heaven

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Lurgan, Irlanda del Norte, 1975. Una guerra civil de bajo nivel se ha ido gestando, con el IRA, que apunta a legitimistas británicos; y la Fuerza de Voluntarios legitimista del Ulster, que exige la venganza contra católicos que ellos consideran militantes republicanos. Alistair Little, de 16 años, es el líder de una célula UVF (Fuerza Voluntaria del Ulster) impaciente por derramar sangre. Él y su cuadrilla reciben el visto bueno para matar a un joven católico, James Griffin. Cuando se perpetra el golpe, Joe Griffin, de 11 años de edad, ve con horror cómo muere su hermano. Treinta años más tarde, Joe y Alistair deben encontrarse, ante las cámaras, de cara a una reconciliación. Alistair ha cumplido su condena, y la paz se ha establecido en Irlanda del Norte, pero Joe Griffin tiene otros planes en mente. (FILMAFFINITY)

The idea of reconciliation between two men from opposite sides of a life-and-death struggle is perhaps impossible or even incredibly naïve. Five Minutes of Heaven, a film that tracks the lives of two men from the same town but different sides of the Irish political divide, is unlike any other on this subject. One man, Alistair, is a killer; the other, Joe, is the brother of the man he killed. One feels he dare not ask for forgiveness; the other feels incapable of giving it. And so the scene is set in this masterfully conceived drama, written by Guy Hibbert (Omagh) and perfectly directed by German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel. The leads are Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt, and they are both superb. But the film’s careful construction is what transforms this from predictable to transcendent. This isn’t a work of expiation or guilt; neither does it seek a simplistically dramatic finale. It is, like its subject, the portrait of a process; and the hatred and trauma that are its foundation are such that their genesis took years. Five Minutes of Heaven is replete with an almost-exquisite sensitivity and quest for understanding. It is perhaps impossible to erase the past, but we are better off for encountering it with the kind of passion and insight emanating from a true work of art. (From

2009: Sundance Film Festival Prizes: Winner of the World Cinema Directing Award: Dramatic and the World Cinema Screenwriting Award.

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